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The Flipped House

Buying houses, fixing them up a bit and re-selling them for profit has become pretty popular in the last decade. From amateurs to pros, a lot of people are renovating houses with the sole intention of flipping them.

Here’s the issue, though, not everyone that’s flipping houses has the knowledge or the skill to be doing major construction work. But how do you pick out the good work from the rushed and sloppy?

Think about what would easily increase the value of the home: new flooring, molding or doors, kitchen & bathroom fixtures, wall & floor tile, some areas of drywall or new coats of paint.

Check these areas for signs of low quality work. Hardwood with excessive gaps, uneven floor tile, leaky fixtures. These are clear indicators of sloppy work; and if these elements were rushed, what would a professional inspector find about the complex building systems like the HVAC system, the plumbing or electrical wiring?