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Sagging Floors

Sometimes you may feel a major home issue before you even see it. What we mean is that walking across uneven floors can be pretty noticeable even if you don’t get down to look at them directly.

Sagging and uneven floors can be an indication of a couple possible issues. Namely, issues with the floor joists above a crawlspace. Floor joists can sag because of an inadequate number of concrete supports, or the joists are cracking or deteriorating because of mold and moisture damage.

Additional joists or supports would be necessary to correct an instance of inadequate support. In the case of dry rot, the rotted joists would need to be replaced and the crawlspace itself would require encapsulation to control excess moisture.

Additionally, amateur renovations may have removed key structural walls or supports that could lead to sagging and uneven second story floors, something that a professional inspection would need to confirm.