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Professional Mold Inspection

Worried about black mold?

Is someone in your home having unexplained breathing, lung or allergy issues? Other mystery health issues? Maybe your home have a toxic or black mold problem.

These days, black mold is being used as a catch-all term for indoor mold that affects people’s health. More accurately, “black mold” refers to the Stachybotrys type of mold – which typically causes the most serious health effects. Flooding, plumbing leaks, moisture problems are just some of the ways mold can grow in your home. And sometimes the black mold can be growing inside walls or places you can’t see.

So you suspect your home or office has a mold issue – what next? You could always pick up a home test kit and do your own testing; but do you know the crucial trouble areas to test? Do you have a way to test air quality and humidity levels inside the walls of your home? And besides all of that, what are you going to do with the test information that you receive?

When InspectRite tests for mold in your home or office, we take into account the whole picture: property history and condition, inhabitant health issues, weather conditions and findings from a complete visual inspection. Once we receive the tests from an independent lab, we compile all these factors into a report that explains the problem, the root cause and the most effective solution to protect your family’s health.

A lab report is not a mold inspection report. InspectRite doesn’t hand you a laboratory’s raw test results – we give you an easy to understand report of the issues and solutions.


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Professional Mold Inspection

An InspectRite mold report takes all the raw data from the lab and creates a clear analysis of the findings. The lab results of each tested area are clearly explained, with the type of mold and the concentration levels noted. First hand observation from a certified mold inspector is invaluable; they will always see things that laboratory testing simply can’t into account. An InspectRite report gives each client a wealth of information to empower them to make the right decision for their property.

Each 15-20 page report explores the following:

• Background of the building

• Credentials of the inspector

• Results of visual inspection

• Surface sampling and results

• Air test results

• Interpretation of lab results

• Glossary of necessary terms and mold types

• Conclusions of the inspections

• Recommendations based on results

When it comes to fully understanding the extent of mold growth in your home, less is never more. An InspectRite mold report is purposefully detailed for the benefit of each client, with easy to understand interpretations and objective recommendations.

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InspectRite services all of West Virginia – including Beckley, Princeton, Charleston, Huntington and everywhere in between.

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Was about to buy a new home but wanted to get it inspected before I signed the papers. Got in touch with Roland at Inspectrite. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Real easy to deal with. His inspection seemed really thorough and gave me a detailed report after. His inspection caught a couple issues that would’ve cost me thousands to fix if I’d bought the house. Thanks to Inspectrite for helping me dodge that bullet.


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