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Mold Remediation

In the interest of the health of your family and the structural integrity of your home, the possibility of mold contamination following a moisture intrusion event cannot be ignored. Recall that mold can start growing within 48 hours of water entry into your home; events such as flooding, a ruptured water heater, bathroom flooding, constant leaks through windows and the like.

InspectRite Services is a leader in diagnostic mold inspections and detailed reporting. This level of professionalism is also a cornerstone of our remediation partner – Novos Remediation. We work closely with Novos to provide a detailed plan to effectively remove mold and lower the concentration levels in your home or office.

You’ve trusted InspectRite to provide you with the most comprehensive home or mold inspection in the business; now trust Novos to return your building to a safe, habitable environment.


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For those who are interested in more information regarding our specialized inspection services, please contact us at or 304-222-7573.

We contacted Roland about possible moisture/mold issues in our home. He promptly arranged to inspect and found some serious issues that needed to be addressed and corrected. Novos is the best company we have ever worked with. Prompt, professional, trustworthy and great at communication. All issues were documented by photograph and sent to us, together with progress photos and detailed plans to fix any further issues. Not only did they correct the moisture and mold issues, but they also corrected structural and foundation issues to ensure our home is safe from mold and moisture in the future. We got our home back thanks to this company. I highly recommend InspectRite and Novos.


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