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Indoor Air Quality

Most people spend far less time outdoors than they do inside, sometimes in an indoor area that contains more contaminants than the outdoor atmosphere. Indoor toxins and contaminates can often go undiscovered for years and cause prolonged health issues.

Our IAC2 and ESA certified inspectors will survey your property and take air samples for laboratory analysis. InspectRite inspectors compile exhaustive notes and data from the subject property to be used in conjunction with the laboratory findings. The final report to the client will reveal each contaminant discovered in the inspected property and written recommendations for remediation (removal) of each problem addressed.

If you suspect your home or office is contaminated by mold, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), contact InspectRite to discuss your indoor air quality concerns. With our expertise, modern air sampling equipment and the use of certified nationally-accredited laboratories, InspectRite will unlock the secrets embedded in the environment of your living/working indoor space.


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For those who are interested in more information regarding our specialized inspection services, please contact us at or 304-222-7573.

Was about to buy a new home but wanted to get it inspected before I signed the papers. Got in touch with Roland at Inspectrite. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Real easy to deal with. His inspection seemed really thorough and gave me a detailed report after. His inspection caught a couple issues that would’ve cost me thousands to fix if I’d bought the house. Thanks to Inspectrite for helping me dodge that bullet.


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