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A Buyer Must-Read

Discovering the true condition of a home before purchase is vital. Once you’re armed with the truth regarding the home, you can pursue these options:

  • Adjust your offer to offset the costs of necessary repairs noted in the home-inspection report.
  • Require the seller to repair any defects in the home before you proceed to settlement.
  • Provided the other options aren’t satisfactory, walk away completely from the home.

Potential purchasers will often comment that they didn’t see any issues when they toured the home. Once again, InspectRite is looking at this home from an entirely different perspective. You fell in love with how it looks – we want to make sure it’s safe and free of defects.

Still not convinced? Here’s just a handful of major issues routinely spotted in homes by InspectRite:

  • The residence has a Federal Pacific Stab-Lok circuit breaker panel – a fire hazard in several jurisdictions across the U.S.
  • The home has been remodeled from the exterior wall inward, only to find that the home’s electrical system was not properly grounded.
  • Previous termite infestations that had been treated, but continued yearly inspections by the exterminator had been cancelled years earlier.
  • The ridge vent has been sealed with insulation material causing humidity levels in the attic to reach levels conducive to mold growth.
  • Numerous electrical splices had been made in the basement or attic, none of which were enclosed in approved splices boxes. A major fire hazard.

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Cost versus the Risk

The cost of a certified home inspection is the most economical expenditure you will ever make, As one client commented when we quoted an inspection for his prospective home: “that’s pocket-change compared to the $400,000 that we are paying for the home.”

It is often said that with all the associated costs of a home purchase, there just isn’t the money available to secure a home inspection. While this may be true in many circumstances, budgeting for a certified inspection will cost thousands less than the possibility of spending a small fortune to repair existing issues.

Also keep in mind that a new home can have nearly as many issues as an older home. Similar to automobiles, just because the home is new, doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

The health and well-being of your family may well depend upon a quality home inspection. Don’t purchase a home hoping for the best, but turning a blind eye to the worst. Let InspectRite give you the entire story – only then can you make a decision with complete peace of mind.

Additional Literature

For those who are interested in more information regarding our specialized inspection services, please contact us at or 304-222-7573.

Was about to buy a new home but wanted to get it inspected before I signed the papers. Got in touch with Roland at Inspectrite. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Real easy to deal with. His inspection seemed really thorough and gave me a detailed report after. His inspection caught a couple issues that would’ve cost me thousands to fix if I’d bought the house. Thanks to Inspectrite for helping me dodge that bullet.


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