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Aerial Drone Home Inspections

For years, it has been difficult for home inspectors to perform an up-close roof inspection on some homes with steep roofs or roofs made with a material that doesn’t support weight. Often times the inspector would have to observe the roof from the ground in an attempt to spot any visual problems. Obviously, this method doesn’t allow for a 100% complete picture of the roof’s condition.

At InspectRite, we aren’t satisfied with assuming or guessing the condition of a home’s roof – we want the customer to know exactly how things are. That’s why our inspectors also use a piloted drone – fixed with an HD camera – to get high quality photos of the roof, gutters, skylights and chimneys for in depth examination. Our pilots are licensed and certified by the FAA, and have all the proper training to safely and effectively provide a photo map of a home’s condition.

Roof replacement or repair can be one of the costliest renovations to a home – don’t get caught off-guard by major roof problems because the home inspector couldn’t properly assess the condition. From basement to the roof – InspectRite inspectors will let you know every detail and issue with your home.


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Structural Inspections

In addition to roof inspections, InspectRite provides a comprehensive number of drone inspection services for commercial buildings, structures and installations. If your company has a building or structure that needs to be verified for structural integrity and safety, let InspectRite take a full, high quality photo map for you.

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Was about to buy a new home but wanted to get it inspected before I signed the papers. Got in touch with Roland at Inspectrite. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Real easy to deal with. His inspection seemed really thorough and gave me a detailed report after. His inspection caught a couple issues that would’ve cost me thousands to fix if I’d bought the house. Thanks to Inspectrite for helping me dodge that bullet.


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