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Electrical Outlets

While shopping for a home, you may see a house that still has two-pronged electrical outlets instead of modern three-pronged grounded outlets. And in case you love this house, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

These days it’s becoming less common to find electrical equipment with only two-prong cables, since the ground wire acts as a failsafe in case of shortage. The “convenient“ solution is to buy 3-into-2 prong adapters for electronics and power strips.

But because the home’s wiring doesn’t have a ground wire, using these adapters does nothing to prevent electric shock or damage to electronics.

You could request the home be rewired before purchase, but it is very important to have a professional verify the work. We’ve seen instances of sellers simply replacing old two prong outlets for three prong but leaving the house’s wiring completely unchanged. A cosmetic change like this does nothing to prevent injury from an electrical shortage.

If you have any reason to suspect a prospective home may have faulty or deceptive wiring, seek out a professional inspection to be absolutely certain.


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